Issue 18: Femdom Roll Call

Issue 18:  Femdom Roll Call

Issue 18: Femdom Roll Call

By Dorsel Finn
Photos by Kim Dench

As quickly as SL changes, it’s difficult to even know your Femdom options. I recently took a stroll through the majority of the Femdoms that SL offers, each with its own interpretation of Dominance and submission. Here’s what and whom I found on the scene:


Owner: Madame ZaiA Weezles

I asked ZaiA Weezles about the inspiration for her French-languge sim, Femme’S, which was preparing for its opening at the time of my visit. She told me that she is “trying to make Mistresses and subs thinking about their real wishes and desires.”

Upon arrival, I noticed the majestic staircase leading to the mansion. Inside was a large room with a grand piano. I learned to play while there – isn’t Second Life great! Madame ZaiA created the sim as a “platform area for Mistresses and subs to find points of connection and use this as a platform area for discovering different ways of sharing their D/s relationships.”

Despite being new, the group has grown quickly.

“Quantity is not really my goal,” Madame ZaiA stated. “I wanted a sim for Mistresses and subs to share their experiences.”

The group has no fee to join, but a tip jar is present for contributions to the sim expenses.

Madame ZaiA is planning to have some themed discussions lead in voice. Features include Femdom-based photography, a private area to have some BDSM scenes, and a games area.

Strict Venus

Strict Venus

Strict Venus

Owner: Kika Yongo

The next stop was the Strict Venus, a sim modeled for the Goddess of Love.

“the Strict Venus is intended to be a friendly Femdom SIM,” Kika Yongo stated. “Our welcome card states, on its first line ‘Strict Venus is a Femdom land where safe, sane, [and] consensual (and fun) are the basic rules, along with respect for the others. We are welcoming and nice in approach, but strict in applying the basic rule of mutual respect. That is how we keep the sim working.”

This sim was built with an eye toward beautiful, detailed, accurate buildings and a light spirit that brightens up the sim. Visitors generally agree that the Strict Venus is a fun place and people generally feel at home here.

Although barely a year old, the Strict Venus has already moved once, first on the sim Moustique. When it opened last June and later, in September, on the sim Behold. Within its first year, the group, which is free to join, has grown to 460 members. The only restriction to membership is to follow the sim rules and behave accordingly. Voice verifications are provided.

Strict Venus has two dance parties per week, soon growing to three. They have special themed parties such as a recent salsa party. Friday nights there is a dance party with DJ Squishy at 2PM SLT and on Sundays another dance with DJ Purple. Because all the parties are themed, the group receives notices about what sort of costume to wear. The Strict Venus also offers BDSM-based discussions bi-weekly with a moderator, on Fridays at 12PM SLT. Occasional activities include game tournaments and poetry competitions. Activities are listed on the Strict Venus blog:

Velvet Thorn

Owner : Starsong Bright

The Velvet Thorn is a friendly, lighthearted Femdom where people are encouraged to explore their sexuality and meet others who share similar kinks. It encourages people to feel safe to open up and learn about themselves and others.

“Velvet Thorn (VT) is much less rule-bound than many Femdoms,” said owner Starsong Bright. “While we expect submissives to be polite and respectful, we also accept that everyone logs into SL as equals and that, when done right, Femdom is an exchange of power from submissive to Dominant. For this reason we do not expect submissives to kneel to just anyone or force them to obey a strange dominant against their will.”

VT opened officially in February 2008 and is one the larger Femdoms in Second Life with over 5000 members. Starsong, who is also a Mistress in real life, mentioned that she goes through the group periodically and removes anybody who hasn’t logged into SL for 9-12 months. [Editor’s note: At the time of publication, it appeared that Velvet Thorn has instituted a 250L membership fee.]

The sim offers a variety of activities, varying from regular dances, to discussions and workshops, and even sub hunts.

“VT is a very inclusive community,” Starsong stated when asked what differentiated it from other sims. “It’s a very busy place so you will always find someone around to chat with.”

Mad@m A

Mad@m French Femdom


Owner- Amylee Ghost

The Mad@me sim is French-based Femdom that Amylee Ghost opened on March 8, 2012 as a place for French Dommes and subs to meet and share experiences.

She explained that the differentiating factor for this sim in the French heritage. It caters to French speakers who aren’t fluent in English, like Amylee herself, and offers a build with a French and feminine touch.

“I wanted an elegant, smart, and caring place for all members,” she stated.

She noted that while the sim is new, she hopes it will have all of those attributes in time. The group, currently at about 100 members, continues to grow. There are no group fees, but only the members that are supportive of the sim are allowed to provide Domme or Sub tags to new members.

The sim continues to grow, Amylee expects to add more events. But for now this sim is just a place to talk, play, and enjoy the company of a wonderful French Domme or nice sub boys and girls.

Future Femdom

Owner – Ginette Pinazzo

Future Femdom is a societal matriarchy where all men are bred to worship all women. This is a public, societal movement, an evolution of new wave feminism, and a global gender-role redefinition, in every realm from the workplace to the community. It promotes a peaceful future of Sisterhood, where women lead, and men work together to worship and love the women.

Sim owner, Ginette Pinazzo stated that Future Femdom is about a Sisterhood coming together for the sake of unity and peace.

We asked Ginette what differentiates this sim from other Femdoms.

“We do not condone slave ownership, as this is a societal movement,” she said. “All men are taught to freely worship all sisters. Individual slave ownership actually prioritizes men and that undermines progressive Sisterhood.”

Nonconsensual acts of any type, or negative behaviors, are not condoned and therefore worship is based on love and passion, never fear or punishment.

“We do not condone imprisonments, chastity or other such restraints as men must be strong and free to worship best and with passion,” she said, adding that the future has wonderful use for energetic men, not for statues.

In one form or another, Future Femdom has been in Second Life for about 4 years. There are approximately 1000 members and no fees membership fees. General support of many types is expected. Involvement and respect for the principles is expected on this sim. Violations of the rules can result in banning, but those banned can work under a Labor System to become accepted members again.

Future Femdom offers countless ways to play with slaves, from gentle to not-so-gentle! The sim has relaxation/meditation areas, exercise areas, art and music areas, reading areas, games and the most unusual and futuristic toys anywhere! They also have many group play options

Future Femdom is also known for its Shrunken Slave system which it sells and markets. This is a fun way to make men even tinier (as if they need that) and allows for some fantastical ways to play with men. There is also a toy city called Micropolis, designed for play with the shrunken slaves.

Ginette stated that her sim is about love and passion, and coming together for a peaceful future.

“It’s about casting aside the old-fashioned prioritization of men, and breathing the air of freedom. It’s about taking responsibility for the world and leading it as only we can.”

The Dominion

Owner – Evangeline Eames

The Dominion is a female-run community based in the virtual world of Second Life, but the reach of the membership extends far past virtual borders with “Dominion On Tour” (a series of real life meet-ups among members) and a thriving group.

“The Dominion is filled with friendships and D/s relationships that transcend the virtual or ‘online only’ experience,” Eva stated. “Our community is focused on peer support, respect, and of course, fun!”

She stated that what differentiates The Dominion from other Femdom sims is its people.

“The staff and regulars include many Dommes and subs with extensive experience who are devoted to sharing their knowledge with our community,” she said.

The Dominion has well over a dozen events each week hosted by various members, Dommes and subs.

“We have a ‘the show must go on’ policy at The Dominion with only a few events ever cancelled in our 31/2 years. Our community takes our SL seriously,” Eva said.

Parties, discussions, games, mentoring and support, are all regular activities. There are a wide variety of events on the Dominion calendar at The Friday themed parties are very well attended, as is the Femdom Confessions event, which has generated over 1000 written contributions from members over the years (

The Dominion opened in November, 2008 and now has roughly 3500 members. There is a 250L fee to join and the only requirement is respect and adherence to the rules and Femdom environment. The fee is charged to provide a small deterrent to those who are just looking for hookups or to cause trouble with alts. The Dominion does not have tip jars for, and does not accept, donations. Sub auctions are a wildly popular event held at The Dominion every other weekend and proceeds are used to help support the sim. Eva talks with pride of the fact that members are not asked to contribute, and only do so voluntarily through auctions.

Eva is proud of the amazing community that has developed around this sim and she looks forward toseeing what the future holds.

“We are having our first Dominion baby! Well the first I know about anyways! It’s always exciting to hear about our members finding a match that continues ‘offline.’”

Casa de Femdom

Casa de Femdom

The Mistresses

Owner – Lizbeth Nimbus

The Mistresses Femdom (aka TMS) is a “sim that does not role play but real plays.”

“Its main aim is to build a community where Mistresses can be assured that their owned boys will have both their ownership and the restrictions placed by their Mistresses supported and followed by the Sisters of this Femdom,” owner Lizbeth Nimbus stated. “All submissives will be treated with respect”.

The focus of this sim is solely Female Dominants and only male submissives. The members expect males to look and act male which is different than most every other Femdom sim in Second Life. The only female submissives that are allowed to become members are those that are subs of Mistress Members.

“We do not cater for sissies and transgenders,” Lizbeth stated. “There are other sims in SL that cater to those relationships or preferences and we are happy to recommend those based on an individual’s expressed preferences.”

The Mistresses just celebrated its 4th Year in SL on May 25 to 27, 2012. It currently has more than 600 members. TMS does charge a onetime fee of 1000L to join the group.

“It is not our desire to be a large, nor money-making, group,” Lizbeth said. “The fees help towards the monthly tier and event activities. Paying for membership shows that the members are supportive and sincere about their lifestyle enough to contribute to it. We are a drama-free group and this helps us keep it that way.”

New members are not expected to join immediately, but are encouraged to visit several times to see if it is a fit.

There is a monthly calendar of events in view for all to see. The calendar covers the activities for the entire month ranging from; the Training Programme, slave sports, fetish or reform school (at times), open discussions, TMS Prison with its anonymous Guardesses, impromptu training discussions or play sessions, themed parties, tribute shows, dances in the TMS Nightclub, occasional live singers, fishing, and Greedy Greedy and Can’t Stop Tournaments.

“There is a close knit relationship between our members (that is not clique-y) bringing us together as one large family,” Lizbeth said. “We welcome new visitors and they are welcome to participate in all our activities.”

“We have just had a new face lift so make sure you come and check out the differences and the many new additions.”

Fortezza B

Femdom La Fortezza

(Editor’s Note:  Other Femdoms were asked to participate but did not respond by our deadline.)

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