Issue 15: The End Of OWK

Issue 15:  The End Of OWK

No Happy Ending For The OWK

By Evangeline Eames

It seems like all hope is lost for The Other World Kingdom, otherwise known as The OWK.

This unique real world Femdom retreat, located in the Czech Republic has ceased activities and all of the furnishings and structures are for sale.  Although the sale of the facilities themselves are old news (the property was put on the market nearly three years ago for the asking price of 5 million euros), some hoped that The OWK could be saved, most recently with a project called The FEMDOM REPUBLIC, spearheaded by the First Mistress of The OWK, Madame Gabrielle.

This effort has now ended, with Madame Gabrielle stating exclusively to FEMDOM Magazine that, “unfortunately OWK is definitively closed and FEMDOM REPUBLIC will not start activities.”

This last ditch effort to save The Other World Kingdom rings like a death knell. It seems that The OWK is really, and finally, finished.

A woman who deemed herself Queen Patricia The First opened The Other World Kingdom  in June 1996.  It’s hard to find any concrete information about Queen Patricia, and The OWK website only offers a few photos with the lady’s face hidden from view — no profile, no background, not even a personal statement.  The ironically named “Kingdom” incorporated the principles of female superiority and established its own flag, courts, and even currency, “the DOM.”  Visitors were invited to femdom events throughout the year, and you could even rent rooms and stay on the grounds.

The OWK seemed to reverberate deeply with many interested in Femdom.  Numerous famous pro Dommes frequented the facilities, gaining passports as “Lady Citizens,” giving them an enviable street cred.  Films and photos of popular events such as Spanking Day and Imprisonment Training on the OWK website (, illustrate its popularity.  The website itself has been incredibly popular, with over 31 million hits since 1997.  Burgeoning side businesses were born:  a pay-to-view magazine and Femdom films.  Enslaved men in kennels, cruel and beautiful Dominas ruling over them,The OWK became the stuff of legend, a fantastical ideal for female supremacists and their kinky admirers.

So why then, did The OWK fail?  Perhaps it is for that very reason.  The OWK was truly a fantasy. And it’s hard to deny that The OWK was a male-driven fantasy at that.  The Dommes pictured on the website are young and attractive, always dressed in fetishwear, projecting a cool and haughty demeanour.  Activities centered around punishing and humiliating the males, and while you can of course expect this in a femdom environment and also expect that some dommes would enjoy these activites, the facility geared little else to the pleasure of the ladies.

Perhaps it is not surprising that a 5 million euro estate couldn’t be maintained as wanking fodder, although one would think the sale of Femdom porn and erotica on the website would certainly help.  One could argue fantasy fulfillment is a big and successful business.  Look at Disneyland.  Perhaps it was poor management or the bad economy that brought The OWK down.  Or maybe The OWK missed the mark by not marketing more to women, who after all, are supposedly in charge.  It’s hard to know exactly what the reason is and The OWK isn’t sharing.  In fact, not one mention of the closure or the sale can be found on the official website.

The OWK didn’t go down without a fight. The FEMDOM REPUBLIC ( was founded by OWK First Mistress Madame Gabrielle as an attempt to save The OWK with a shareholder system.  The website offers information about how to financially invest in a fundraising effort to allow The OWK to continue. Shares are available for sale for 300 euros each with maximum of 20,000 shares available.  The end goal was to buy The OWK palace and grounds, or if that was not possible, to take out a long term lease.  At the time of writing this article, 17,435 of those shares were still available, a long way from making either of those goals happen.

The FEMDOM REPUBLIC website also offers this statement:

“Those of us who have spent so many happy moments in this place do not want to accept the idea that the OWK should terminate its existence. Therefore, we are introducing a project which will not only enable the continuation of the OWK, but will also bring a considerable extension of its previous activities.”

Whatever the reason for The OWK’s closing, and the failure to save it, it seems clear that many are sad to see it finally come to an end.

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